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Educational Games
All our games focus on particular areas of Early Education and Development; including early reading and comprehension, numeracy, social understanding and awareness, Sensory Stimulation, Imagination and Fine Motor Skills.

Auslan Games and Flash Cards Auslan Games and Flash Cards
These games and flashcards are designed to simulate communication in Auslan and help you help children learn Auslan.
Early Reading: Comprehension Games Early Reading: Comprehension Games
This wonderful selection of books are designed to help children understand language and the world around them.
Early Reading: General Early Reading: General
These games explore facets of language including Antonyms (opposites), Homonyms (one word two meanings), Homophones (sound alike words), Describing Emotions, and Describing events. It also includes helpful guides for teachers and parents on motivation and stimulating communication.
Early Reading: Sequencing Early Reading: Sequencing
These stories and teaching kits focus on sequencing and early literacy. Many of the books also have companion resources (such as flaschcards, puppets, and games), to help reinforce sequencing concepts, while being versatile enough to be utilised in other ways; which make them a great educational tool!
Fine Motor Skills Fine Motor Skills
These activities and games all exercise fine motor control in children.
Gross Motor Skills Gross Motor Skills
This very special series of toys are design to stimulate imagination and creativity. They include the Bilibos, which are very popular with preschoolers and children with Autism; and the mini bilibo game pack which can be used in hundreds of ways - as a threading game, colour matching…it is up to your imagination
Numeracy Numeracy
These Games help children learn basic numbers, addition and subtraction through to multiplication, division and fractions. They also explore money and other numeracy concepts.
Sensory Stimulation Sensory Stimulation
Sensory Issues can be a large issue for children on the Autism spectrum. This selection of products include both guides for teachers and parents on sensory stimulation therapy and toys that provide children sensory stimulation through touch, sound and sight.
Understanding Others Understanding Others
These games focus specifically on emotions, feelings and social understanding.

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Educational Games
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