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Motor Skills
Scrunch it, build it, move it, write it, suck it, say it! These resources are all designed to stimulate muscular strength; fine and gross motor skills; and Oral Motor Function. They include Gripping aids that provide individuals with poor motor strength the ability to grasp pens, pain brushes, and tools - opening up a new world of independence. We also have a range of pen gripping aids and toys and activities that will support occupational and physio therapy. Plus our new range of Oral Motor Skill aids and therapy tools!

Fine Motor Control -  Games, Toys and Guides Fine Motor Control - Games, Toys and Guides
This collection of games and toys each help train different fine motor skills, including :
Stationary : ability to maintain balance or equilibrium.
Locomotion : ability to move, including walking, running etc.
Object Manipulation : Including pincer grip abilities, ability to control fine movement (such as threading and opening zips)
Grasping : ability to use the muscles of the hand and to control fingers.
Visual-Motor Integration : eye and hand coordination. Controlling muscles based on visual perception. E.g. building blocks or threading

Fine Motor Control - Activity Books Fine Motor Control - Activity Books
This collection of books all have moving components (such as a spinning wheel, a character that threads through the pages, or a flap that ligts). They are great to keep children captivated and involved in the story, while working those fine motor skills at the same time.
Fine Motor Control - Pencil Grips Fine Motor Control - Pencil Grips
These Pencil Grips are a revolutionary applied technology that works with the bodys natural physiology to gently place fingers in the proper position for gripping.
They are ergonomical correct for both left and right hands. One special grip even allows people with little to no finger muscle strength to hold a pen!

Gripping Aids Gripping Aids
These Gripping Aids will increase independence and open up a world of possibilities!
Our aids enable you to firmly hold items such as a hammer or other tool, glass, or handles of a bike. They are also popular to assist in sporting activities, like holding a racket.

Gross Motor Control Gross Motor Control
Gross Motor Skills involve using large muscles and movements of arms, legs, feet, or the entire body (For example crawling, walking, jumping, or lifting your arms above your head; balancing and bending).
Oral Motor Skills Oral Motor Skills
Oral Motor Skills involve using the muscles of the mouth, face and throat. The are vital for oral functions, such as swallowing, chewing, and of coarse talking. These products each address, and assist in oral motor function and development.

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