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We have hundreds of puppets from finger puppets, to large life size story tellers. Hands puppets and rod controlled characters. All our puppets are of a very high quality and standard. All puppets starting with a "PC" in their product code, are from The Puppet Company Ltd and all meet or exceed CE Standard E71 and ASTM toy safety regulations, and also have the BTHA (British Toy and Hobby Association) Lion Safety Mark. All our puppets are certified as child labor free. All excellent for education and entertainment!

Character Puppets Character Puppets
These beautifully crafted finger puppets are approx 20 cm tall and each have a firm, elasticised loop on their backs for little fingers to pop in. Clothing is exquisite, most featuring velvet clothing!
Enchanted Puppets Enchanted Puppets
These large performance puppets have full mouth movement and come complete with a nylon storage bag (not the dragon) and an arm controller rod. All except the dragons also include a finger puppet. They are very large (65-95cm)and very popular with children, especially the dragons!
Family Puppets Family Puppets
These members of the family are 18cm tall (adults) and 16cm tall (children). They have a loop on their backs to insert finger, however, being full bodied (which means they are three dimensional and wadding filled; each with sculpted faces and unique clothing) they also make great dolls.
Finger Puppets Finger Puppets
Our large collection of finger puppets are all full bodied, beautifully finished and 12-18cm tall. All with elasticised entrances so they stay firmly in place on either child or adult fingers. They are very popular with children from toddlers to primary school age and are great as gifts, or to stimulate and supplement learning in an early education setting. The nursery rhyme range make great additions to the traditional songs, and a wide range match up with popular and traditional stories.
Full-Bodied Puppets Full-Bodied Puppets
Full Bodied puppets have, as their name implies, bodies that are full of wadding, so as to provide a very life like appearance, even when not being used as puppets. Making them beautiful as a stuffed toy and even better as a puppet. Hand access allows for mouth and head control (plus wings of the mother duck). They are all large puppets, on average 50cm tall!
Giant Monkey Puppets Giant Monkey Puppets
This collection of the ape family are very large (80 cm) and each come with their open opening banana. Hand access allows for control of head and mouth. They are full bodied and have incredibly sculpted faces.
Hand Puppets Hand Puppets
Our hand puppets are 25cm tall and made of the softest fur. Hands and heads are stuffed to provide that beautiful three dimensional feel. Some have movable mouths. They are all of the highest quality and have the hand space inside head, arms and body fully lined with soft cotton.
Hide Away Puppets Hide Away Puppets
The hide away collection feature finger or walking puppets that come with their own homes. Each is exquisitely made of soft velvet and perfect for play and safe storage.
Living Puppets (aka Signing Puppets) Living Puppets (aka Signing Puppets)
We have a great range of signing puppets which now also are available in two sizes (45 and 65cm).
All puppets have slots at the shoulders to insert arms into the hands and make your puppet come to life. They also have discrete slots in the back of their heads that allow for mouth and tongue control. Their heads are also full of wadding and self supporting, as is the body and legs.
Most clothing is removable (including shoes) and interchangeable between other puppets (of the same size).
The smaller (45 cm) size are smaller in body and hand size and clothing and puppet features are less detailed as their larger siblings. We recommend these smaller puppets for preschoolers, who may find the larger ones cumbersome.
All these puppets are very popular not only as signing puppets but also as an attention aid for children with ADHD, autism and behavioral issues.

My First Puppets My First Puppets
These little glove puppets (avg height 20cm) have embroided faces and NO SMALL PARTS. They have been safety certified from birth upwards, making them unique in the Australian market place and ideal for childcare, family daycare, special needs and early intervention settings; as well as the home. They have been designed to fit adult hands, but are small enough for children as well.
Other Other
Arm Rods, Puppet Stages and Puppet Accessories
People Who Help Us People Who Help Us
These flat glove puppets have padded, quilted faces and bodies and are 25 cm tall.
Puppets Sets and Packs Puppets Sets and Packs
We have bundled together special packs of puppets, and some very special story sets for you. These are available at different times of the year for limited times only.
Story Telling Puppets Story Telling Puppets
These large puppets make a great addition to any childcare, early intervention or education setting. Their large size (up to 64 cm tall) makes them extremely appealing to children and great in front of a group of children. Each puppet is beautifully designed, with attention to detail paramount! Most sets come in a large, gold embroidered, velvet drawstring bag.
Teaching and Song Mitts Teaching and Song Mitts
Designed for an adult hand, these mitts are perfect for using with young children. Each comes with a 23 X 32 cm card with either song words or activity ideas.
Walking Finger Pupets Walking Finger Pupets
These WALKING puppets lie flat or stand upright; with slots in the front two legs (or standing legs) that allow you to make them walk. They are all full bodied and have stitched noses and plastic eyes (except the pigs and gingerbread man who have NO SMALL PARTS)

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