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Novels, Stories, Poems and Novelty Items
We have a wonderful range of Autism Awareness Jewelry and Gifts, as well as poetry books, novels (for adults and adolescents). They all make great gifts for friends and family.

Autism Awareness Charm
Autism Awareness Charm + Large Image AutismCharm
More Information about this item This little charm signifies Autism Awareness and is silver plated enamel measuring 2.8 cm tall. It includes the Autism Ribbon attached to a circular ring for easiy attachment to a a necklace, bracelet or key ring. You could also loop onto a zipper, earring, backpack or handbag and help raise awareness of autism.
Qty x$3.00

ASPoetry - Illustrated poems from an Aspie Life
ASPoetry - Illustrated poems from an Aspie Life + Large Image JKASPoetry
More Information about this item ´Life is like a poem; sometimes it rhymes and sometimes it does not.´ - from the Introduction.
Wendy Lawson´s well-known poetry reflects the many aspects of a life lived with Asperger´s Syndrome. In this illustrated collection of poems and short prose pieces, including some from her childhood and teenage years, Wendy engages with her past and present, writing frankly about childhood, self-discovery, adulthood and friendship.
Qty x$19.95

Autism Awareness Bookmark
Autism Awareness Bookmark + Large Image PBAutBMark
More Information about this item This beautiful bookmark measures approx. 8.5cm tall and is made with Swarovski crystals in light Sapphire, Tanzanite, Topaz and Siam dangling with an exquisite silver plated autism awareness charm (as detailed above); from a flat silver bookmark.
Qty x$14.00

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