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Sign Language
Sign Language Resources for teaching and learning. These include a range of dictionaries for both Adults and Children. Childrens story books, Home learning courses and material on DVD. Flash Cards and Games. Deaf culture and Awareness resources; novelties, Gifts and Teaching Guides.

Auditory Verbal and Speech Therapy Auditory Verbal and Speech Therapy
This collection is a sub-set of our larger Auditory Verbal collection. These products speciafically address articulation and audiotory verbal therapies for deaf and hearing impaired children
Auslan Dictionaries - For Adults and Children Auslan Dictionaries - For Adults and Children
We have an extensive range of Sign Language Dictionaries for Adults and Picture Dictionaries for Children. Pocket dictionaries for those on the go. Quick reference books for those signing with children. Technical guides and more.
Auslan DVDs for Entertainment Auslan DVDs for Entertainment
We have DVDs especially for the children, from pre schoolers to High schoolers, both educational and entertaining. Plus a few especially for adults. There is also a special religious DVD collection
Auslan Games and Flashcards Auslan Games and Flashcards
These games and flashcards are designed to simulate communication in Auslan and help you help children learn Auslan.
Auslan in the Workplace Auslan in the Workplace
Looking to increase signed communication within a workplace setting? This special collection of resources are designed especially for the workplace.
Books for Children : Auslan story books Books for Children : Auslan story books
These very special books are all done in Auslan. They include story books, picture and board books and Childrens Picture Dictionaries in Auslan and NZSL
Books For Children:Disability Awareness (Deafness) Books For Children:Disability Awareness (Deafness)
This range of books are especially for children and designed to help raise awareness and understanding in peers and siblings. Topics covered include Deafness, Sign Language, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Muscular and motor associated disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, and many others.
Deaf Culture and Linguistics Deaf Culture and Linguistics
These products are designed for teachers and TAFE students and focus on deaf culture and history; and on advanced Auslan linguistics.
DVDs for Learning (Home Courses) DVDs for Learning (Home Courses)
Do you want to learn Sign Language at Home? We have a huge range of at home courses to choose from.
Making Your Own Resources Making Your Own Resources
This section is dedicated to both free and subscriber based services online. It includes Sign Planet, Australias largest Auslan Resource and your Auslan hub.
Novelties and Gifts Novelties and Gifts
We have a wonderful range of Sign language and Autism Awareness Jewelry and Gifts.
Oral Motor Skills Oral Motor Skills
Oral Motor Skills involve using the muscles of the mouth, face and throat. The are vital for oral functions, such as swallowing, chewing, and of coarse talking. These products each address, and assist in oral motor function and development.
Parenting Stories and Guides Parenting Stories and Guides
A wonderful, inspirational collection of parents stories, self help books for parents, and technical and user friendly guides for teachers and parents alike.
Posters and Charts Posters and Charts
Posters Posters Posters. We have them big. We have them small. For babies, classrooms and workplaces.
Sets and Packs Sets and Packs
We have bundled together products that help you get started, or get to that next level, to get more for less money
Signing Puppets Signing Puppets
We have a great range of signing puppets which now also are available in two sizes (45 and 65cm).
All puppets have slots at the shoulders to insert arms into the hands and make your puppet come to life. They also have discrete slots in the back of their heads that allow for mouth and tongue control. Their heads are also full of wadding and self supporting, as is the body and legs.
Most clothing is removable (including shoes) and interchangeable between other puppets (of the same size).
The smaller (45 cm) size are smaller in body and hand size and clothing and puppet features are less detailed as their larger siblings. We recommend these smaller puppets for preschoolers, who may find the larger ones cumbersome.
All these puppets are very popular not only as signing puppets but also as an attention aid for children with ADHD, autism and behavioral issues.

Signing with Infants and Toddlers Signing with Infants and Toddlers
This new section is for those of you signing with very young children. It includes resources to both help you learn sign, and to encourage your children to sign.
Teaching Kits and Resources Teaching Kits and Resources
This selection of products are designed for teachers to help teach specific topics or units. These include AUSLAN LOTE teaching guides and other specific material for teachers.

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