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August 2009

New Catalogue Issue dates.
Just a reminder that we now only issue 2. The First being in FEBRUARY (in time for the new school year) and the second being in JULY each year. There will also be a Christmas Special Brouchure out in October, so keep an eye out for that.

We are always happy to post out catalogues, so just let us know if you want one (or more than 1). We also have a new "bulk catalogue list". So if you have clients/ students, or a waiting room etc that you would like to receive catalogues for please let us know.

Other News
2009 Auslan Product Awards announced for Hearing Awareness Week
The Awards for 2008-09 are now finalised and out. The winner of the 'Most Popular Product for 2009 was the Auslan Children's Picture Dictionary Volume 1. Other Awards were issued for Most Popular Baby Sign Resource, At Home Course, Dictionary, Children's Book and Poster all about them and the winners

Price Reductions
Grandma Leaps the Antarctic, all 6 Wiggles DVD’s and all Bible DVD’s and VIDEOS have been dramatically reduced in price, permanently! Most A3 posters are also reduced to $6 !

New Butterfly badges out now - The new 2009 designs are now available

New Products now available
We have divided all the new stuff under the following heading this edition:
  • Free Online
  • New for Children
  • New for Parents and Teachers
  • New for Auslan Learners

For over 6 years Bilby Publishing has been comitted to providing everyone free access to an online Auslan Dictionary. This comittment continues and you can join the online community of over 15,000 users a week and begin looking up signs right now! You can also download some free starter resources and search for varified Auslan courses in your more

Click image to view larger image
FREE on your Mobile Phone
Search and learn signs anywhere, anytime for free via SignPlanet Mobile. First launched in 2003 this feature has been regularly updated and now includes a new edition for the new ‘large screen’ mobile phones.

Both small and large screen versions are entirely free to use!

Simply enter the word you are searching for you will instantly receive the line art sign, a description of how to sign it, notes on state usage/popularity and a clipart image of the item being signed (where available).

PLUS you can now use your SignPlanet subscription username and password to access on-mobile Auslan tutorials!

Sign Language News FREE online or on your mobile
Click image to view larger image
Keep up to date with all the latest news and events that relate to sign language, deafness and disability.

This newsfeed provides you with daily updates of what’s happening where, and all the latest news that relates to the issues we all care about, sign language. We will let you know about funding opportunities and grants, education department and other government announcements, special events and relevant news articles.


New for Children

Feelings Poster
There are 3 posters in this new series, each progressing in difficulty, guiding the viewer from simple everyday signs for feelings, through more complex emotions to the theory behind the signs. Why are the signs the way they are? ...More Info

Pop Goes The Wiggles
This is the latest in the Auslan DVD series by the Wiggles, and believed to be the last. It includes 44 Nursery Rhymes and Songs all with Gloria (interpreter) imposed over the top. ...More Info

New for Parents / Teachers

The Auslan Dictionary for teachers, parents and professionals
This NEW dictionary is the first ever AUSLAN dictionary to include not only the sign image but also a Description of how to perform the sign PLUS Hints to help you remember and teach them the sign PLUS A List of English words associated with the sign, PLUS State usage information PLUS Context usage information. It includes over 1400 signs in alphabetical order and a thorough English word index.
... More Info

Telling Time in Auslan - Analogue Teaching Kit
This kit has been designed to help you teach children to tell time in Auslan. The kit includes everything you need to teach children, including a step by step teaching guide, 28 Auslan time cards, Large clock with movable arms, time cards, quarter cards and much more.
... More Info

Auslan LOTE Teaching Guide - Stage 1
This is the first in a series of teaching guides that are designed to provide teaches everything they need to teach the Auslan LOTE Curriculum for K-6. They are an all inclusive kit. This edition is over 500 pages and includes everything you need to teach AUSLAN LOTE for grades 1 and 2. EVERY TOPIC including, but not limited to, teachers reference dictionary, including teaching notes for every sign, handouts, activities, songs, assessment material, certificates and instructions. PLUS a CD of all the handouts! ... More Info

Breaking The Sound Barrier
An inspirational collection of stories for families of newly diagnosed hearing impaired children.
... More Info

What Christians Believe
This Auslan translated DVD explains what Christians believe about God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit ... More Info

For Learners

Teach Yourself Auslan - Beginners
This CDROM is a self passed program for beginners that includes over 250 sign under categories. Watch the video clip of each sign, then see it in a sentence. ... More Info

Australian Sign Language—An Introduction to sign language linguistics
This book is a comprehensive introduction to the linguistics of Auslan. It explores each key aspect of the structure of Auslan, providing an accessible overview of its grammar. ... More Info

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