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Signing With Infants
Do you have a baby or toddler who you are trying to teach sign, perhaps because of a hearing or speech impairment, or to support communication with a family member or friend? Or, perhaps, you are simply planning on using ‘baby sign’ to improve communication with your pre-verbal child.

Where do you start?
Start with only 1 or two signs that are highly motivational to the child and create high motivation settings to start. For example; take a bag of bread to feed the ducks. Give the child a small amount of bread. When they gesture/grunt etc for more; say and sign ‘more’ and then give them some more bread. The 2nd time do the same but this time use your hand to help the child sign ‘more’. Gradually build up from there so that you end expecting the sign, before bread is supplied. However do not expect the signing to be performed perfectly and continue to ‘show’ the sign on your body and correct the sign on theirs if wrong.

This system works as the child is highly ‘motivated’ to sign. . . they want more bread.

Once you have mastered your starter set of only a few signs pick 1 topic, eg clothing, and try to introduce those signs.

Label! Label! Label!
Parents/Carers the best tip we have is ‘label’. Do not sit down in the evening and try to memorise a list of signs and then use them in context the next day. This is too hard! Use something like to print labels of the signs that you are trying to learn, then stick them up where you will be using those signs. For example, stick the signs for clothing on the draw faces; that way the signs are where you need them, when you need them, and you do not have the pressure of remembering them.

Gradually building up your vocabulary in this way is easy and stress free.

Sign Baby - Introduction to Auslan for parents (DVD)
This is an incredible DVD, truly unbeatable!
It is presented by Sofya Gollan, who I am sure you already recognise from ABC’s Play School, where she has been using Auslan for the last 11 years! It includes over 200 signs and is perfect for those looking to sign with babies and toddlers.
Dimensions :
Author : Sofya Gollan, Sign Baby More by this Author
More Info on this product     Qty @ $29.95 
In Stock, ready for despatch.

Nursery Rhyme Mega Set - 10 posters, 11 finger puppets, Plus DVD/CD package Sing and Sign with Lisa
Nursery Rhyme Set of 10 posters, with accompanying finger puppets and DVD
Dimensions : Posters are a3
Author : Various More by this Author
    Qty @ $120.00 
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