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Auslan in the Workplace

Looking to increase signed communication within a workplace setting? This special collection of resources are designed especially for the workplace.


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The Auslan Dictionary for Teachers, Parents and Professionals : 2012 Perfect bound edition.

Released 23 April 2012, this 2012 edition of The Auslan Dictionary for Teachers Parents and professionals includes over 2000 signs, each clearly illustrated in line art!

There is also an extensive alphabetical index of over 10000 English words.


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Auslan for Your Workplace

This extensive workplace guide divides signs under the topics: Reception, Communication, Asking Questions, Office Supplies, Pronouns and People, Times and Dates, Directions, Instructions, Descriptions, Lunch Break, Social signs, Occupations Each sign listing not only includes signs with detailed descriptions, but also hints to help you remember the sign and context information. Topics also include sentence and phrase examples and a gentle introduction to Auslan grammar. This book includes signs for 569 words, PLUS over 100 phrases


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First Aid in Auslan: A Quick reference Guide

When someone is injured or ill, communication can be difficult. This book seeks to minimize these issues through the elimination of any additional communication barriers that may arise when the person needing care uses Auslan as their primary means of communication. The booklet includes an introduction that provides information on ‘Asking questions’, what to do ‘when the situation needs external help’, ‘helpful pronouns’ and some other helpful signs. The booklet is then divided into chapters on: Symptoms, Treatment, Professional Help, Other Descriptors. Contains 81 signs.


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Two Handed Adult Sign Alphabet Poster - Auslan, BSL, NZSL - Upper case letters - A3

This poster has been developed specifically for adults as a quick reference to the Auslan (Australian Sign Language) Alphabet


10+ In Stock

Break Time Poster - A3 Cello Coated

This beautifully illustrated poster is perfect for every kitchen, staff room, and waiting area and was cleaned up and upgraded in Sept 2012 from the original edition.
It is A3 (29 X 42 cm) poster comes with a cello coating (a thin plastic film that makes the poster difficult to tear and water resistant)

Signs depicted include state variations anicdoted; and descriptions of how to perform the sign. Signs pictured : Water, Milk, Tea, Sugar, Kettle, Coffee, Hot Choclate, Cake, Biscuit.


50+ In Stock

First Medical Signs (Auslan - Australian Sign Language) Laminated Poster (A3)

By special request from doctors and school first aid and sick personal, this poster includes all essential Medical signs (in Auslan - Australian Sign Language), in an easy to understand, quick reference poster including the signs : Doctor (2 versions), nurse, hospital (2 versions), sore (hurt), pain (thob), headache, bruise, injection, bankdaid, medicine, tablet (2 versions), specticales, glasses, hearing aid and cholclear implant.

The new 2012 edition is in clour with attractive red subheadings of Professionals, Symptoms, Treatment and Devices; and is designed to match the Emergencies Sign Poster


50+ In Stock

Workplace Emergency Signs Laminated Poster (A3)

In an emergency you do not have time for miscommunication!
Use this Auslan (Australian Sign Language) emergency signs poster as part of your emergency procedure and make your building safer for everyone!
Signes are depicted using our adult sign illustrations and include signs for :
WHAT : Ambulance, Police, Fire, Sick, Flood
Where : Up, Down, Over, Under, Outside
Instructions : Come, Leave, Stop, Fast, Careful, Hot, Walk, Help Me, Stay Clam, Emergency

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