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Sign your name to Support Auslan

Help us bring about a change!

The new Government is declaring its 'committment to education' wide and far, but what are they planning to do to support children who use Auslan, their schools and families and carers?

Bilby Publishing has prepared a letter that addresses the need for funding support for Auslan. This letter will be delivered to The Hon Julia Gillard , but first, we would like your support.

Please sign the petition below, and pledge your support for Auslan.
Your signatures (your first name and state -Eg VIC, only) will be attached to the petition below, and provided to the Minister. Copies may also be sent to other ministers and members of parliment and members of the press.

Your email address and surname will not be published or provided to any other parties. We need to ask for this information for data varification process only. Your personal information will be stored within a secure database and all reasonable efforts will be made to store your information safely and securely. At no time will we pass your information on to any other party (other than your first name and state as part of the presentation of the petition)

Aside from this petition Bilby Publishing will also be sending a letter from us personally. In the interest of transperacy we have uploaded this letter for you to here to have the letter open in a new window.
The Hon Julia Gillard,
We the undersigned wish to voice our support for the following :

1. The recognition of Auslan as an Australian National Language.

2. Funding and support for Auslan as a priority LOTE subject with in Australian School. Auslan is important as a LOTE as it provides access to the language to the peers of children who need the language, and in the longer term, help raise awareness of the language throughout the broader community and thus overall quality of life for those who need the language.

3. Funding and support for parents and extended family members of Australian children who use Auslan to communicate, whether at a key sign or fluent basis. We believe that it is important to increase the support for these members of our community whose rate of adoption of Auslan influences the longer term communication and eventually linguistic capabilities of the children who rely on them. When the adoption of Auslan, by family members and carers is limited and laborious, so too is the adoption of communicative capabilities and access to overall communication for children who need this language to communicate, especially within the formative years, so vital in a child’s linguistic development.

4. The funding of services, such as that of, which provide free and easy access to Auslan, as a starting point for those learning Auslan. We support “The development of web portals which will enable parents to participate in their child’s education” ( We wish to voice our support of the enhancement of web-base information, and courses that will support those, especially within rural and remote areas, learning Auslan to communicate with their children.

No of Signatures already on this petition : 890, representing 32071 minors.
We have received signatures from every state and territory in Australia!
Petition launched on 11 March 2008 at 4pm

Your First Name

Your Surname

Your State


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As people under 18 can not sign this petition themselves, we ask that you indecate how many minors you represent. If you are a teacher, how many students do you have, as a parent, how many children? We will be using this field to establishing a total number of minors represented through the signaturers obtained.
Minors (people under 18) you represent.

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