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About SignPlanet ~ Your Online Sign Language Hub is an inovative Australian owned and created online software application that provides users access to an searchable Auslan dictionary, text to sign converstion, Auslan Lote Curriculum and support material and online video bank of signs.


Sign Planet has both FREE and Subscription Components. Each are outlined below.

About FREE Features
For over 6 years Bilby Publishing has been comitted to providing everyone free access to an online Auslan Dictionary. This comittment continues and you can join the online community of over 15,000 users a week and begin looking up signs right now!

You can also download some free starter resources and search for varified Auslan courses in your area.

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FREE on your Mobile Phone
Search and learn signs anywhere, anytime for free via SignPlanet Mobile. First launched in 2003 this feature has been regularly updated and now includes a new edition for the new ‘large screen’ mobile phones.

Both small and large screen versions are entirely free to use!

Simply enter the word you are searching for you will instantly receive the line art sign, a description of how to sign it, notes on state usage/popularity and a clipart image of the item being signed (where available).

PLUS you can now use your SignPlanet subscription username and password to access on-mobile Auslan tutorials!

Sign Language News FREE online or on your mobile
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Keep up to date with all the latest news and events that relate to sign language, deafness and disability.

This newsfeed provides you with daily updates of what’s happening where, and all the latest news that relates to the issues we all care about, sign language. We will let you know about funding opportunities and grants, education department and other government announcements, special events and relevant news articles.


About Subscription Features
SignPlanet is an interactive website that is designed to allow you to make, print and save the resources you need quickly and effortlessly. It is a large site, growing every day. Some of its subscription features include :

A searchable dictionary of Auslan.
For each sign you can VIEW and PRINT the line art image of the sign, plus a video clip of Signing Simon (our computer avatar), plus a clip art image, the description of how to perform the sign, state usage notes, and context usage notes where appropriate.
Search by individual word, or by category.

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Example of Auslan Strips for childrens books using text to sign translation Text—To—Sign Conversion tool.
This tool allows you to convert English words and sentences into Auslan strips. Use it to create your own book translations or to create a customised list of signs (EG school spelling lists)

Create your own resources.
Using either your own word/sign list or by selecting a category, you can create your own customised resources and then save them for use as often as you need. Templates include a dictionary style page, simple sign strips, writing worksheet, circle a sign/object or game dice. You can set the size of the sign, font size and style.

Click image for large preveiw in new window Example of Auslan Scheduler from
Try our new timetable/scheduler!
Simply select the time, event title (Eg Lunch), to include clipart or not, and click “make clocks” and you will have your own personalised, signed schedule.

Use our pre-made resources.
There are now literally hundreds of pre-made resources available including song-sheets, games and activities, worksheets, labels for the home and school, quick reference charts and handouts and much more. So many that we have added a search feature that allows you to view resources by category, type, and search for resources including your word/sign list.

Learn by level and category sections
These special and innovative sections allow you to learn at your own pace online with access to the line art and video clips, plus descriptions of how to do each sign.

Plus Online Games, curriculum material, full AUSLAN Lote curriculum, discussion and support forums and more!

Click an of the examples below to view larger preveiws in new window
Signing Ages In Auslan- Australian Sign Language Example of Auslan workshhet- Find a sign FRUIT Topic, from Example of Auslan Match Up Worksheet - Family Signs

Teacher/Trainers verses Kids and Carer Signle User Liceses

There are now two classes of single user subscriptions :
'Teachers and Trainers' : This subscription class provides you full access to ALL subscriber sections of the site (in both the 'Kids and Carers' section and the 'Teacher Trainer/ areas. It is designed especially for professionals and specialists, teachers and/or in school aids and for people who teach Auslan.
'Kids and Carers' : This is a restricted subscription, designedespecially for parents. It is cheaper and does not include access to the full array of creation tools the site has to offer, only those through the 'Kids andf Carers' half of the site. Curriculum material is also excluded from this subscription class.

....more information is available on the site at :

What is the difference between a site license and a single user license?

A single user can login anywhere with a supplied product key and password. Only 1 PC can be logged at any time. Site licenses do not require logging in, and allow every PC in a building/site to be logged in simultaneously.

Examples of locations utilising a site license include large schools running Auslan as a LOTE and utilising the site by class groups in computer labs. Univercity and TAFE campuses allowing access through all internet connected pcs on the campus. Government department buildings, with multipul staff, often on multiuple floors, all utilising the customisable creation options simultaniously to support clients.

An example of where bulk individual licenses are purchased instead includes the Tasmainia Education department, who have provided all Teachers of the Deaf with their own license so that they can access the site across multipul locations to support all their students at their individual schools. Anouther example is the Department of Education and Children's Services in SA, who have similarly provided all speech theapists with individiual lisences. These arangemets are negociated individually.

Or order through this site now and we will email/fax/ph login details through in 24-48hours

If you ONLY order a Subscription the 'automatic' postage applied through this site will be removed before your payment is processed in our office.

Single user Licenses:

Teachers and Trainers
6 months :
12 months :
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24 months :
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Kids and Carers
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Site Licenses:
Whole Site License (12 months)*:
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Whole Site License (24 months)*:
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*Additional IP address may incure a one off additional setup cost only if the site has multiple buildings/IP addresses

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