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Autism and Aspergers
Guides, Tools and Stories to help parents, teachers and professionals understand Autism and Aspergers and support children on the spectrum.

Guides and Manuals: About Autism and Aspergers
This selection of books focus on diagnosis, and understanding that diagnosis. It includes professional and parental guides and reference material.
Guides and Manuals: For Parents
These books are mostly written by parents, especially for parents and help at diagnosis (of Autism or Aspergers), through to therapy and ongoing support.
For Teenagers on the Spectrum
This collection of books focuses specifically on the needs and concerns of teenagers with Aspergers.
For Teachers, Educators and Early Intervention
This array of books focus on the classroom environment and how to best approach the unique needs of children with Aspergers or Autism within the classroom (preschool through to high school) environment. It includes a range of titles that specifically focus on early intervention games and activities, as well as quick reference guides for teachers and parents.
Sensory Stimulation and Relaxation
Sensory Issues can be a large issue for children on the Autism spectrum. This selection of products include both guides for teachers and parents on sensory stimulation therapy and toys that provide children sensory stimulation through touch, sound and sight.
Emotions and Socialising - Understanding Others
Social understanding and relationships are difficult for children and adults on the spectrum. We have a wide range of tools to help social awareness and understanding for both the person within the spectrum and their peers. These include story books about autism, through to the large and acclaimed Social and Friendship Skills Program, that can be utilised by teachers and therapists to help children acquire better understanding within social interactions.
Understanding Language, Stimulating Communication
How do you help children to understand language and motivate them to communicate? This collection of books, games and flashcards are designed to help you help the children in your lives to understand and use language to communicate. It includes games and books that focus on homophones, antonyms, idioms and homonyms. Speech therapy tools. Reference books and guides; and story books for children.
ABA - Applied Behaviour Analysis
Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a field of psychology that focuses on intensive behavioural intervention for children with autism. Three decades of research and practice of Teaching Techniques based on ABA have been shown to significantly improve the abilities of children with autism to learn and develop.
Behaviour Management and Meltdowns
How do you address those behavioral issues that are impacting of your child/students ability to interact with the world around them? How do you explain to others how to manage a MELT DOWN? What do you do to stop children chewing on clothing, or to help with anxiety issues? This collection of books are each designed to help you manage, support, and work through behavioral issues in the home and classroom.
Novels, Stories, Poems and Novelty Items
We have a wonderful range of Autism Awareness Jewelry and Gifts, as well as poetry books, novels (for adults and adolescents). They all make great gifts for friends and family.

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