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Auslan Children's Picture Dictionary, Volume 2, 3rd Edition
This 3nd Ed of the 2nd in a series of Auslan Dictionaries for children includes over 615 signs with photos, easy to follow sign illustrations, descriptions of sign performance, and hints to help you remember and more. Read More
Now in Pocket Edition:
The Auslan Dictionary for Teachers, Parents and Professionals
The edition of our Auslan Dictionary has over 1,000 new sign illustrations including technology and gaming signs. 366 pages and 6000+ word index Read More
Chew Necklaces:
Do you have a child who is orally soothed? Who is chewing through their clothing? Has fingers that look like they just had a 5 hour bath? These necklaces are just what you have been looking for. Stylish, but not infantile. Available in a range of colours and shapes, scented or plain. See the Range
Highly Popular:
Timer Timers
are designed to help children learn a set amount of time and understand "how much longer". 3 sizes availableSee the Range
Auslan Products:
With over 10 years experience publishing quality sign language resources, we work with Qualified translators, deaf community members and teachers to ensure their accuracy Read More

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